Existing Agency Employee Card Request: If your agency is already enrolled in the USAirport Parking Travel Agent Program and currently has discount cards, please send an email to bguyer@usairportparking.com to request new or replacement cards.

The USAirport Parking Travel Agent Discount Program is not an individual discount, but a full-agency opportunity meant to enroll every agency employee in the program. Once we qualify your agency, we will send you $1 off customer coupons. Once your agency begins showing customer redemptions, we will then contact you to determine how many discount cards are needed. The card is presented upon exit and the cashier will swipe it to give that agency employee the Travel Agent discount. This card will also serve as your frequent parker card and will accumulate points for every parking dollar spent. This card will earn points immediatly but must be registered on our website before points can be redeemed for free parking. THE CARD MUST BE PRESENTED TO RECEIVE THIS GENEROUS DISCOUNT!

Travel Agent Discount Card
New Agency Sign-Up:

Add your Company to the Travel Agent Discount Program by simply sending the information below in an email to bguyer@usairportparking.com.

1) Agency Name (must be a bona fide company doing business in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska or Kansas. USAirport Parking reserves the right to approve or disapprove any applicant and will contact you with that decision

2) Mailing Address (to send coupons and discount cards)

3) Phone Number (in case we need to contact you with questions or information)

4) Main Contact Name (Who will be your coordinator and contact person)

5) Main Contact Email Address

6) Approximate number of cards that will be required

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